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Experience superior performance with our NVMe VPS, available from a mere $3/month! Set up your VPS in the strategic location of Dallas, TX, and benefit from excellent latency across the Continental US, Canada, and South America. Get exceptional value without compromising on quality with our competitively priced VPS. Our NVMe VPS is not just about giving you top-tier performance for your investment. Our philosophy revolves around an 'Enterprise Everything' approach, guaranteeing the delivery of the finest VPS service.

Manage Your VPS Like A Pro!

Unleash your sysadmin potential! Start, stop, boot, reboot, install, reinstall, configure mulitple vps instances right from within your dashboard. Get console access with our NoVNC app in your control panel which enables you to control your vps as if you are sitting right in front of it. No special viewer software needed, launch it right in your browser! Fully control your VPS like a pro!

Save Tons of Money!

Buy direct from the source and save big! Get quality VPS without having to pay crazy amounts of money, with prices starting as low as $3/m. Get an affordable plan that fits your budget so you can rest without any stress of having to take out multiple loans to pay off your VPS hoster!

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Take the lead in server hosting by fast provisioning your vps, from sign up to completely installed OS in seconds. Save time by letting our platform set up your VPS and focus more on the things that you love most!

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Try our service with the certainty that you can get a full refund within 7 days if you are not completely satisfied with your VPS!

More than just cheap vps!

While we do boast competitive rates, we also provide you with the best performance to price servers. Quality is never compromised and we are so confident that you will love our service that we back it with a 7 day money back guarantee!

Dedicated servers with ddos protection!

Conveniently located in Dallas, TX we offer a variety of dedicated servers for business, computing, learning, gaming and everything in between.

Affordable Self Managed Servers

Our servers are the best you'll find on the market. They're fast, affordable and reliable! Our VPS and dedicated servers are self-managed and we provide you with all the tools you will need.

With the vps control panel you can access your console, reboot or power down your server from anywhere with internet access.

The IPMI for dedicated servers allows you to manage your server just like you were sitting in front of it.

Wide Template Variety

We have a large selection of templates covering all major Linux distros. Whether you want Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS 7 or anything in between ServerCheap has it or can add it.

Money Back Guarantee

Our VPS are backed by a full 7 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your VPS, we will give you a full refund.

Instant Setup

Your virtual server will be ready within seconds of ordering while your dedicated servers will take a few hours to deploy.

ServerCheap is Enterprise Grade

root@vps# df -h

Our VPS servers are based on KVM Virtualization and include NVMe Disk Space, Full Root Access, 1 Ipv4, /64 Ipv6 and 10Gbps DDoS Protection.

user@dedicated# sudo nmtui

Deploy a Dedicated Server with Full IPMI, SSD Drives and 10Gbps DDoS Protection. With the IPMI you have Complete Control over your server.

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Our virtual servers are instantly deployed and are ready within seconds of ordering.

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10Gbps DDOS

Get 10Gbps DDOS protection on any VPS or dedicated server.

Never Oversold

Your VPS will not be overcommited, oversold or overloaded.

Custom ISOs

You can install any operating system on your VPS using your ISO.

Dedicated IPMI

Managing your dedicated server is easy with your dedicated IPMI.

KVM Virtualization

Our VPS servers run on KVM (Kernel based virtual machine) technology.

SSD Drives

SSD drives are standard on both our virtual and dedicated servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why ServerCheap?

    ServerCheap has provided top-quality inexpensive VPS hosting and dedicated server plans for years. We emphasize the best of hosting and put in great effort to ensure that our VPS plans meet your web hosting expectations. We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and our data centers are staffed 24/7. Our team agrees that a customer's satisfaction is the top priority.

  • ServerCheap started around the end of 2019, near the time that the COVID-19 pandemic began. Within the last few years we have expanded dramatically. We aim to continue providing top-quality server hosting products at the best prices for years to come.

  • Our main goal is to give everyone the opportunity of having an online presence without price being a barrier.

  • We offer enterprise grade vps hosting at competitive rates. We do not say that we are the cheapest, but that our rates are affordable and our service is enterprise grade. While there might be other providers offering vps hosting at rates less than us but we also would like to announce that we do not cut corners.

    We don't overload our servers, network or any part of our infrastructure. We use quality components and test our server nodes extensively before putting them into production.

  • We own all of our infrastructure and we are not resellers. We own all of our hardware, IP addresses, and AS number (AS62633) which is in the process of setting up. Along with third-party software, we also develop our software.

  • Our data centers are centrally located in Dallas, Texas. This provides for low latency throughout the continental United States and South America.

  • Our customer's security is our security. ServerCheap's website, your panel, and the client area are secured with SSL encryption. All ServerCheap-owned data centers are secure and only limited personnel have access to our infrastructure.

    Our network is protected by a firewall, DDOS protection and is monitored 24/7. All software at ServerCheap is regularly updated, and we recommend every customer to use strong passwords that haven't been used elsewhere. We value safety and are always looking to excel within our safety measures.

  • We aim to help you succeed by supplying high-speed networks, infrastructure and an extremely reliable up-time guarantee. Our customer support team is available when needed. Along with our customer support, our inexpensive rates for top-notch VPS products will always guarantee that when you need reliability, it will be readily available.

    We also have a 7-day money-back guarantee if, for some reason, you are not content with the products you have bought or realized that VPS hosting is not for you. The goal at ServerCheap is not only to help you succeed but to do that by giving you every tool possible to lead you to success.

  • We mainly provide VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers. These are also sometimes referred as Cloud Servers.

  • You will find a multitude of use cases for VPS. Our VPS hosting can be used for, but NOT limited to, hosting a server, testing code, hosting your websites whether they're high traffic or not, gaming and secure messaging.

  • A “VPS” acronym for Virtual Private Server is a type of web hosting that allows you to utilize a server's potential by higher controls like customization, because VPS hosting is very scalable, you get almost all the resources a dedicated server provides but at a much lower cost. ServerCheaps VPS hosting plans allow you to get web hosting that's tailored to your needs.

    With the ability to fit everything to your needs with VPS, as a ServerCheap customer, you get better speeds, great storage and security.

  • At ServerCheap, we have a policy against bulk mailing. We do not allow "Bulk Mail" or "Mass Mailing". We monitor network activity continuously to ensure that bulk mailing is not occurring within our network. For more information regarding our bulk mail policy, refer to our terms of service.

  • Your VPS hosting will include one IPv4 address and a /64 IPv6, which is literally millions of ipv6 addresses. You may also purchase additional IPv4 addresses as needed.

  • You start by scrolling to the top right of Then, you will see a tab for a page called "VPS virtual servers." You will then see our plans with the prices available and can look through the descriptions of our plans to decide which one is best for you. Once you have decided which service works best for you, you may proceed to checkout and get started. ServerCheap's customer support team is also available to assist you with whatever you need.

  • We accept Stripe and PayPal. Using our Stripe gateway, you can pay using any major credit or debit card.