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We provide reliable and affordable dedicated servers, (IAAS - Infrastructure As A Service). Most of our inexpensive servers are deployed in 12 - 18 hours and include dedicated IPMI.

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Dedicated Server Benefits

With a dedicated server, you will have all the resources of the server to yourself. This provides great advantage over other virtual or shared solutions where i/o and processing power can become bottlenecks.

Located in Central USA

All of our servers are located in Dallas, TX.

Quick Deployment

We will have your server ready in 12 - 20 hours.

ServerCheap Stands Out

Reliable, high quality service and peace of mind.

1 Gbps Port Speed

Our servers are connected at port speeds of 1 Gbps giving you fast, uninterrupted throughput.

DDOS Protected Servers

All of our servers are DDOS protected with most of them having 10Gbps DDOS protection.

Dallas, Texas Location

Our servers are conveniently located in Dallas, Texas and achieve low latency globally.

Dedicated IPMI

Most of our servers come with dedicated IPMI giving you 24/7 direct access to your dedicated server.

Quick Provisioning

Your dedicated server is set up usually within 12 - 18 hours of ordering and payment.

Fully Owned Infrastructure

We fully own our hardware and our servers and pass the benefits directly to you.