About Us

We are an aggressive, emerging cloud server provider that would like to empower everyone with an online presence.

A miniature sized entity with gigantic ambitions

ServerCheap was founded in 2020 with a mission to provide affordable, high quality vps servers and dedicated servers. We own all of our infrastructure, which includes servers, computer components, and networking gear. As of Jan-2021, we started offering IPv6 in addition to our regular Ipv4 subnets. Your VPS server is set up instantly within minutes of ordering. Our dedicated servers are provisioned within 12 - 18 hours.

Our Network

We run our own network in Dallas, TX under Autonomous System, AS 62633. We maintain our own gear, IPv4 and IPv6 space. We use 10G Fiber Optic connections internally and to Tier 1 transit providers.

Our Mission

We want to facilitate digital inclusion and provide the opportunity for individuals and businesses around the world to come online ane have access to all that technology can offer.

Our Quality

From the very beginning, our commitment has been to equip customers with superior VPS servers, along with a personal level of customer care that goes above and beyond.


We are proud to announce that our organization since Febraury 2023, now operates under own Autonomous System, AS62633 -our very own network!


We successfully established our virtual private server platform and had our first vps client in Aug 2021.


As the pandemic began to take its toll globally and national lockdowns were announced, we jumped this opportunity to plan our VPS server offering. We invested time in infrastructure testing and preparation for initial launch.


In 2019 we were born. We purchased the domain ServerCheap.com and initially started offering dedicated servers.

Many individuals, businesses, resellers and developers come to ServerCheap for their vps hosting. Come and see why:

Deal direct and take advantage of our expertise

ServerCheap is the premier destination for virtual private servers (VPS). We offer competitive pricing and unrivaled customer service, all while maintaining our strict standards of quality. With a direct physical presence in the data center, we are able to control all aspects of our operation - ensuring that you always receive high performing servers.

Deploy Instantly

Quickly and easily deploy virtually any flavor of Linux instantly with a few mouse clicks.

Full Root and Console Access

Enjoy easy remote management with full root access or our browser based vnc access.